Challenge #18

Okay, since no one has posted the next challenge yet, I took the liberty to create one. The prompt for the next challenge will be "metamorphosis". Interpret it however you want; you can even throw in some Kafkaesque reference if you like (you don't have to, of course).

The official deadline for the next challenge will be in two weeks, that is, March 20. Hopefully this will give you plenty of time to write.

Have fun!
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Challenge #17

As the time limit I posted last night has expired, I'm going to post the poll for this contest. If you have suggestions for the next challenge, please respond to this entry or send me a private message.

Poll #1358080 Challenge #17

Which entry would you like to win the contest?

Every year there's a day to see you. Never to speak. -- myojo_s_me
Natural growth-- Lissibith
Lies -- Lissibith
Whatever Works -- demoerin
Push & Pull -- starianprincess

Drabble Challenge #17

So...since the time limit has officially lapsed on the challenge set forth by jenniferplague here , I'm going to call time on it. If anyone has any objections or would like to put in new entries, then you have exactly 24 hours before the judging poll it put up.

Repeat, until 12 am, EST March 1st to put in any last minute entries or ask for extensions.
Triplets of Bellville: most intrepid

[Challenge: hypogeal] Kusakabe, Hibari: "Whatever Works"

Challenge: #17 - hypogeal
Title: Whatever Works
Word Count: 564
Summary: Hibari & Kusakabe, and the first act of insubordination. There is an admirable art to managing a servant and master relationship.
Rating: PG-13
Notes: So, in Target 19 it seems that the Disciplinary Committee is down with disposing of any inconvenient corpses you might have around...

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(no subject)

Title: Contest entry: Natural growth
Characters: Tsuna, Iemitsu
Pairing: None
Rating: G
Genre: Gen musings
Word count: 167

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And bonus because I had a bad day and this just popped out (I'll remove if it's inappropriate to tack on to the post)

Title: Lies
Characters: Yamamoto
Pairing: None
Rating: G
Genre: Gen, angst (early TYL spoilers)
Word count: 100
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New Mod says:

Yes. So, apparently no one else volunteered for some strange and weird reason....

Which means that my process of elimination, I'm the new Mod for khr_drabble, Rei and I can be reached in a myriad of ways that will eventually end up being posted very obnoxiously in some place on the comm once I figure out where I want them.

At this point, first and foremost, I want to take suggestions from everyone who's paying attention to this post about where they think the community should go, what they think should be done with somethings and what they think should change.

So far the things I'm planning on are as follows:

-Creating a Rec for all that fics, listed by challenges
-Creating a Moderating board to handle various tasks that might come up and the judging of some contests.
-Create a solid system for judging fics.
-Make the deal a little sweeter? Have prizes for winners? What, is to be determined
-Make this comm a Community. Instead of a place to post things, I want people here to be much better acquainted and thus we shall perpetuate the life of KHR_Drabble~ /corn

That's about it for me that I can think of at the moment...I'll be going through the comm from before to see if there's anything else that I can think about adding, but for the people left, I want to hear your ideas!